16. Saturday Evening Prayer

Merciful, gracious God and Father! Most heartily do I again give Thee praise and thanks, that Thou hast during the whole period of my life taken thought for me in such a fatherly manner, and hast so graciously protected me from all harm and danger of soul and body during this day, even during the whole week up to the present hour. And I further pray Thee, that Thou wouldst through Thy grace, which all penitent sinners have with Thee, blot out all my sins, which I have this day and through the whole week committed knowingly or unknowingly against Thee and my neighbor, and let them be remembered against me no more for ever. And help me graciously that I may pass from the old week into a new Christian life, well-pleasing to Thee, and to all the elect in heaven. May I be commended to Thy gracious arms this night, that I may rest and sleep safely, and arise again refreshed and in health further to praise Thee. And when my last hour comes, take me to Thee, Lord Jesus Christ; for I am Thine and Thou art mine, how gladly and willingly would I soon be with Thee! Amen.