O thou faithful Father in heaven! Could I but sufficiently praise and thank Thee for all the benefits Thou hast bestowed upon me during all the days of my life! But this is beyond my power and ability. For I am flesh and blood, which can do nothing but what is evil. But Thou doest daily grant me blessings without number, and especially in the past night, if Thou hadst not been my Shield and Defence, the devil would have injured me greatly with his power, so that I could not have arisen in health. But by Thy gracious protection I have been kept safe. I humbly pray Thee, extend to me Thy grace this day, and mercifully keep me, who am Thine through the blood of Christ, henceforth unto eternal life. Amen, Lord Jesus, take my soul into Thy hands and let me be commended unto Thee. Amen.