5. Monday Morning Prayer

Holy and faithful God, heavenly Father! I most heartily praise, honor and adore Thee, that during the past night Thou hast permitted me to rest and sleep in safety, and by Thy fatherly love hast awakened me again refreshed and in the enjoyment of health. I most heartily pray Thee that Thou wouldst this day also and always graciously preserve me together with (my dear parents, brothers and sisters, and) all true Christians from all danger and harm both of body and soul, in order that I may always be found in Thy will. For I commend myself, my body and soul, heart, sense, mind and thoughts, all my strivings and aspirations, all I do and all I leave undone, my going in and coming out, my life and death, and everything that I am and can do, to Thy divine protection. May Thy holy angel be and remain with me, that no misfortune may befall me either in body or soul. Grant this for the sake of Jesus Christ, Thy dear Son. Amen.