6. Monday Evening Prayer

Merciful God, gracious Father! I heartily thank Thee that during the past day and up to the present hour Thou hast graciously protected me from all danger and harm of body and soul, and pray Thee, that, for the sake of Jesus Christ, Thy dear Son, Thou wouldst graciously forgive all the sins which I have this day again committed against Thee in thoughts, words and deeds, and let them be remembered against me no more. And as I am now about to lie down to rest, I pray, Thou wouldst this night also protect and defend me from all harm and danger of body and soul, so that, being defended against the wiles and power of the devil, against evil, harmful and wicked dreams, I may safely rest and sleep this night, and awake again refreshed and in health to Thy honor. I now commend myself entirely into Thy divine hand; Thou hast redeemed me, Thou faithful God. Amen.