14. Friday Evening Prayer

O Lord Jesus Christ, Thou patient Lamb for the slaughter and holy sacrificial offering for all my sins, and not for mine alone, but for the sins of the whole world! I most heartily thank Thee again that Thou hast so graciously kept both my body and soul under Thy protecting care this day, and pray Thee that Thou wouldst graciously pardon and forgive all my sins which I have committed this day through the weakness of my depraved nature and the enticement of the evil spirit, and which sorely trouble and oppress my heart and conscience; and as I am now about to lie down to rest and sleep, cover me with the wings of Thy grace, and help that I may with my body sleep under them this night in peace and rest, but with my soul may I always watch for Thee, wait for Thy glorious coming to judgment, and with heartfelt longing keep myself in readiness to go with Thee at last to Thy blessed kingdom.

Unto this help me, O faithful God! blessed forevermore with Thy dear Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen