Ages and Periods of Biblical History.
Bible history is commonly divided into the following ages or periods according to the purpose to be served or the minuteness of the study to be taken.

Seven Ages.

1. The Adamic Age. Gen. 1-8-From the creation to the flood.

2. The Noachian Age, Gen. 9-11-From the flood to the call of Abraham.

3. The Abrahamic Age, Gen. 12-Ex. 19-From the call of Abraham to the giving of the law.

4. The Mosaic Age, Ex. 20-1 Sam. 31-From the giving of the Law to the reign of David.

5. The Davidic Age. 2 Sam. 1-2 Kings 25-From David’s ascension to the throne to the restoration.

6. The Ezraitic Age. Ezra-Mal.-From the restoration to the birth of Christ.

7. The Christian Age. Matt-Rev.-From the birth to the second coming of Christ.

Fifteen Historical Periods.

1. The Ante-diluvian Period, From the creation to the flood. Gen. 1-6. The time covered, B. C. 4004 minus 2348 equal 1656 years.

2. The Post-diluvian Period. From the flood to the call of Abraham. Gen. 7-11. Time covered, B. C. 2348 minus 1921 equal 427 years.

3. The Patriarchial Period. From the call of Abraham to the descent into Egypt. Gen. 12-50. Time covered. B. C. 1921 minus 1706 equal 215 years.

4. The Period Of Bondage. From the descent into Egypt to the Exodus Ex. 1-12. Time covered B. C. 1706 minus 1491 equal 215 years.

5. The Period of Wilderness Wandering. From the exodus to the entrance into Canaan. Ex. 2-Deut. 34. Time covered, B. C. 1491 minus 1451 equal 40 years.

6. The Period of the Conquest of Canaan. From the entrance of Canaan to the time of the Judges, Job. 1-Judge 2. Time covered, B. C. 1451 minus 1400 equal 51 years.

7. The Period of the Judges. From the beginning of the Judges to the beginning of the Kingdom. Judg. 3-Sam 8. Time covered, B. C, 1400 minus 1095 equal 305 years.

8. The Period of the Kingdom of Israel. From the beginning to the division of the Kingdom, 1 Sam.9; King 11; 1 Chron. 10;2 Chron. 9. Time covered B. C. 1095 minus 975 equal 120 years.

9. The Period of the Two Kingdoms. From the division of the kingdom to the fall of Israel, 1 Kings 12; 2 Kings 18; 2 Chron. 10-29. Time covered, B. C. 975 minus 722 equal 253 years.

10. The Period of the Kingdom of Judah. From the fall of Israel to the fall of Judah, 2 Kings 21-25; 2 Chron. 33-36. Time covered, B. C. 722 minus 587 equal 135 years.

11. The Period of Babylonian Captivity. From the fall of Judah to the restoration to Jerusalem. 2 Kings, Is., Jer, Eze., Dan. Time covered, B. C. 587 minus 537 equal 50 years.

12. The Period of the Restoration. From the return to Jerusalem to the end of the Old Testament, Ezra, Neh., Esth., Hag., Zech. Time covered, B. C. 537 minus 445 equal 92 years.

13. >The Period Between the Testaments. From the end of the 0ld Testament to the Birth of Christ-no scripture. Time covered, B. C. 445 minus 4 equal 441 years.

14. The Period of the Life of Christ. From the birth of Jesus to the ascension. Matt.-John. Time covered, B. C. 4 minus A. D. 30 equal 34 years.

15. The Period of the Church after the Ascension. From the ascension to the second coming, Acts-Rev. Time covered A. D. 34 to the end of the age.

Twenty-one Shorter Periods.

1. From the Creation to the Fall, Gen. 1-3.

2. From the Fall to the Flood. Gen. 4-8.

3. From the Flood to Abraham, Gen. 9-11.

4. From Abraham to Egypt. Gen. 12-50.

5. From Egypt to Sinai. Ex. 1-19.

6. From Sinai to Kadesh, Ex. 20-Num. 14.

7. From Kadesh to the death of Moses, Num. 14-Dt. 34.

8. Joshua’s Conquest, Josh. 9. The Judges, Jud. 1-1 Sam. 7.

10. Saul’s Reign. 1 Sam. 8-end.

11. David’s Reign, 2 Sam.

12. Solomon’s Reign. 1 K. 1-11.

13. The Divided Kingdom 1 K. 12-2 K. 17.

14. From the captivity of Israel to the captivity of Judah. 2 K. 18- 25. 15. From the captivity of Judah to the Restoration, Dan. and Eze.

16. From the Restoration to Malachi, Ezra, Neh., and Esther.

17. From Malachi to the Birth of Christ, no scripture.

18. From the Birth of Christ to the ascension, Matt-John. 19. From the Ascension to the Church at Antioch, Acts 1-12.

20. From Antioch to the Destruction of Jerusalem, Acts 13-28.

21. From the Destruction of Jerusalem to the close of the New Testament. John and Rev.

Note 1. The author’s “Bible Period by Period” is based upon these twenty-one periods and will furnish material for a study of the whole story of the Bible.

Note 2. To the scripture given for each period should be added corresponding scripture such as sections in Chron. corresponding to that of Kings.

Directions for Study. (1) Drill separately on the ages, fifteen periods with the scripture and period covered by each until the class is thoroughly familiar with them. Require the students to select some event or character found in each age and period and drill on them until they know something found in each.